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About Pillars of Food Safety



Food makers uphold the highest food safety standard intended to protect the most vulnerable by educating the practice of preventing and eliminating pathogens that proliferate in and on the food we raise, prepare or manufacture commercially or by hand, transport and receive, preserve or store for future use, or for the reselling and immediate consumption of any food, thereby improving the health and longevity of everyone that may consume the food regardless of risk status.




Raise, and perpetuate food safety awareness by encouraging food service establishment owners, chefs, managers and food handlers and others in positions that inadvertently affect the security of food to demonstrate the proper behaviors that have impact on food exposed to temperatures good for pathogen growth and by coaching other causes of food borne illness and by empowering them with their duties that protect food from contamination, and their responsibilities that promote and maintain a clean and sanitary environment safe for food production, manufacturing and service to patrons.


Certify food service establishment owners, chefs, managers, their employees and others in positions that inadvertently affect the security of food, are in compliance with state food safety laws and local regulations and that they can demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the California Retail Food Code by successful completion of the American National Standards Institute ANSI accredited ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification, a global food protection manager certification program recognized in all 50 United States and world wide.

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Our History

Since 2012, we have trained and certified many county health inspectors in California and thousands of restaurant owners, food and beverage managers and food handlers seeking the ServSafe® Food or Alcohol Certification program. Our experience spans 30 years training and managing the newest major food service concepts with the best people in the business and we share what food safety standards and practices are critical to the profitability and ultimate success of your business.


Good Food is DIY medicine the way nature intended. Through sharing and practicing good food safety concepts that promote pathogen free food and protect from food borne illness is how we can most effectively extend our natural life and longevity beyond imagination.

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