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Welcome to Pillars of Food Safety

     Pillars of Food Safety facilitates ServSafe® Food and Alcohol Certification Training with live classes led by ServSafe® Certified Instructors and Exam Sessions led by ServSafe® Registered Examination Proctors.  Pillars of Food Safety Classes are open to any one seeking to obtain their ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification or ServSafe® Responsible Alcohol Beverage Service Certification or ServSafe® Food Handler Certification online the same day.

     Associates in positions that are charged with protecting food from contamination, Restaurant Owners, Managers, Chefs, or anyone who can inadvertently affect the safety and security of food, Emerging Food Handlers, and or Facilities Maintenance personnel are subject to the ANSI accredited ServSafe® California compliance standard.

     Associates that sell, pour, or serve alcohol are in positions that may compromise Alcohol Beverage Control licensure, permit or compliance standards and are charged with checking ID, recognizing and preventing alcohol intoxication, and upholding service standards of the business and they are encouraged to obtain their ServSafe® Responsible Alcohol Beverage Service Certification.

     Pillars of Food Safety provides group training, at our site or yours, utilizing the ServSafe® Manager, Food Handler and or Responsible Alcohol Beverage Service certification programs with online exam. If you would like to have a ServSafe® food safety or alcohol certification event for your associates, please contact us for an email proposal.

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